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Create Your Me Movement - An Empowering Guided Journal for Girls

Create Your Me Movement - An Empowering Guided Journal for Girls

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With 52 weekly exercises centered around the themes of Play, Spirit, Strength, and Purpose, teen advocate Patricia Wooster promotes advocacy, relationships, and fostering developing strong voices and positive personal identities in girls and young women.

The teen years can be confusing and frustrating, especially for girls trying to develop their own voice and identity.

With the Create Your Me Movement Journal, teen girls finally have a guided journal designed just for them.

This collection of 52 weekly exercises and writing prompts guide you through recording your goals and standards, and determining ways to reach them. Author and teen advocate, Patrcia Wooster’s guidance is based in four major categories, Play, Spirit, Strength, and Purpose.

These journaling assignments will help you take the principles behind starting a social movement - advocacy, patience, developing relationships, and managing time and resources - and apply them to your everyday life, fostering a sense of identity, confidence, and assurance in who you truly are.

The perfect gift for the forward-thinking teen girl in your life, the Create Your Me Movement Journal is an action-oriented tool dedicated to helping young women navigate their teen years and express themselves in a voice all their own.