F**k It: Be At Peace With Life Just As It Is

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F**k It: Be At Peace With Life Just As It Is

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The top reason for being unhappy and stressed in life is “being over here, but wanting to be over there”. In this light-hearted, funny, yet deeply wise book, bestselling self-help author John Parkin teaches readers how to be happy here, wherever they are.

The gap between how we’d like life to be and how it really is, hurts. This gap is, in fact, the primary cause of pain and misery for most people. In this book, John C. Parkin, author of the bestselling F**k It series, looks at how we can close this gap: not through improving ourselves or making changes in our lives, but through saying ‘F**k it’ and making peace with life, just as it is.

Written with relatable wit and humour, this book is full of wisdom that will give you a refreshing new perspective on life. John will guide you through all the common pitfalls of the modern search for happiness and show you that going with the flow of things, exactly how they are, is the most effective pain reliever there is. By the end of the book, you’ll see that being at peace with life, is not necessarily to be peaceful, it’s certainly not to be passive, it is to embrace life as it is, in all its colours.