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This is what we are about...

The New Moon Crew provides fashion, accessories and homewares to women who are bold, brave and daring.

We believe that clothing should make you feel individual and not just another sheep in today's society. 

The New Moon Crew works hard to source and supply items that are quality and ethically designed.

We bring you fashion forward items that hit a spot within your soul and really makes a statement...because fuck what everyone else thinks and just be you babe!

Founded in 2019, The New Moon Crew is an Australian  based company which specialises in festival wear, street apparel and anything that is flirty, sexy, comfy, fashionable and bad-ass.

The New Moon Crew is all about feeling good in your own skin, radiating confidence and supporting fellow Women!

Join us and be a part of the journey to reach your full potential in beauty, love and of course… standing out!!!

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